About Us

Our Mission

Provide the most superior finish to every vehicle that enters Perth Autobody Repairs. Employ personnel who have been trained to the highest possible standards. Provide ongoing service before, during and after delivery of the vehicle.

Always exceed our clients expectations

What We Offer

Our commitment to quality, service and cost effective repairs is relfective of our values and our establishment in the industry. Perth Autobody Repairs has grown to be one of the leading vehicle repairers in Perth. We are recognised by all the largest insurance companies in Australia together with clients in the prestige vehicle industry.

With our strong focus on the needs of our clients, we understand the need to be flexible and remain focused is imperative to delivery on time. Constantly seeking out the latest equipment and materials has given Perth Autobody Repairs the edge in delivering time efficient results.

We understand that your vehicle is much more than just another car, it is your valuable investment which requires the utmost care to keep it in optimum condition.

Clients are always keep up to date with the progress of their repairs. Our customers are always happy with the finished result of their vehicle.